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The Stereotypes, Identity and Belonging Lab at the University of Washington is now a member of the blogging community! We will be using Decoded as a forum for disseminating our research on women and computer science and discussing current issues related to the field of computer science including: women's involvement and how computer science is changing the way we live. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on our posts.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Can Educators Change The Face Of Computer Science?

SIBL recently contributed to an online community that for teachers who wish to incorporate computer science in their classes. CS10K Community is a blog dedicated to giving educators a resource where they can come together, connect, share their experiences, and find new ideas to engage students in technology and computer science. 

The post "How Can Educators Change The Face Of Computer Science?" discusses the importance of classroom environments and role models when encouraging women to pursue computer science. It presents research from SIBL about stereotypical and non-stereotypical items in classrooms, the role models students are exposed to and effect this may have on their interest in computer science. Also discussed in the post are changes to classroom decor and how presenting non-stereotypical role models may increase interest among female students.

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